Understand NFTs

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  1. What is an NFT? (Non-Fungible Tokens Explained) - A great article and video for an introduction to NFTs.

  2. OdysseyDAO - A learning DAO with the mission to bring the next 1 million people to Web3 and a great read.

  3. Web3 University - A collection of articles on multiple topics on Web3 to include a great one on NFTs.

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  1. OpenSea NFTs Bible - The biggest NFT marketplace and their NFTs Bible is a must read.

  2. Quick Overview of the NFT Ecosystem - A great analysis of the current state of the NFT Ecosystem. Periodically updated with new happenings.

  3. NFTs make the internet ownable - An article from Variant Fund to get an understanding of the ownership aspect of NFTs.

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  1. Crypto Will Change Value, NFTs Will Change Society - A writing on the why and how NFTS will change society.

  2. All about NFTs - An all around perspective on the NFT ecosystem.

Here are some famous NFT projects:

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Here are some famous NFT marketplaces to buy and sell NFTs:

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